Catro AHP+ - Quadrocopter with HD Camera

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Catro AHP+ - Quadrocopter with HD Camera     

The Quadrocopter Catro is a special type of helicopter that floats high with a total of four propellers on the sides. The Quadrocopter is easy to charge with the USB cable supplied with the product. The drone can rotate 360 ​​degrees in the air and can therefore be steered in all directions in the air. With the camera attached to the drone you can make beautiful videos and photos from the air. The camera can be removed from the Quadrocopter without causing damage to the device. With a memory of 2 GB, you have a large memory and you don't have to delete videos and/or photos. In the air, the Quadrocopter can reach a speed of 40 km/h and with the turbo function it is very fast on the first meters. Thanks to the built-in LED lights, you can also fly the drone in the dark and you can still clearly see where you are flying. All these functions can be controlled via the remote control and all functions are clearly depicted on it. The Quadrocopter Catro has a loading time of 40 to 60 minutes and a flight time of 5 minutes.


Compass function can be turned on and off via the remote control

HD Camera with video function and removable 4 GB SD card

360 flip in all directions

Flight height control

4 Channels 2.4GHz Transmitter

Fully trimmable

Sturdy lightweight ABS body

4 powerful rotor blades

Up to 40 km/h

Three flight modes for: beginners, experts and 360 Flip

Turbo function

Quick change batteries

Rotor Protection


Aileron + 360 Flip

Roll + 360 Flip

Box contents:

Quadrocopter Catro AHP+ 2.4GHz

Transmitter 2.4GHz

Charger 230 V

Extra rotor blades

USB memory card adapter

Camera with SD memory card 2/4 GB




Transmitter: 4 x AA 1.5 V batteries, Ord. no. 14 0267 (4 pcs batteries not included)

Replacement batteries, Ord. no. 03 8665

Technical data:

Rotary: 135mm

Length: 399mm

Height: 105mm

Weight: 150.8g RTF

Battery LiPo 7.4 V 500 mAh


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