Revell RC - Star Wars X-Wing Fighter (Advent Calendar)

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Revell RC - Star Wars X-Wing Fighter (Advent Calendar) 

Real men build their own toys! Face the challenge and build your dream model in 24 days with the Revell advent calendar. Everything you need is included and at Christmas you can proudly hold your self-made model in your hands.

The fast and agile X-wing Fighter is the Rebels' default fighter in their fight against the Galactic Empire. The X-Wing Fighter is one of the main fighter planes in the uprising of the rebellion.

easy-click kit of the X-Wing Fighter

Multicolored parts. No sticking. No painting

sticker sheet

building instructions

8 Aqua Colors for optional detail painting

Paint brush

side cutters

sand sheet file

model making knife

Thanks to the innovative easy-click system, quick success is guaranteed with this model: colourful, precisely manufactured components are stably connected by simply plugging them together and decorated with stickers.


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