Revell: US Navy Landing Ship Medium (Bofors 40mm Gun)

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Revell: US Navy Landing Ship Medium (Bofors 40mm Gun)

The LSM-class 1:144 scale model kit offers a detailed model of the landing ship used by the US Navy in the Pacific in the fight against Japan. With 414 parts, the kit provides hours of building fun for modeling enthusiasts ages 12 and up.

The model measures 443 mm long, 95 mm wide and 155 mm high and features a two-piece hull and detailed propulsion system. The movable bow doors and ramp provide additional authenticity. The transport deck is also richly detailed and gives an impression of the equipment and vehicles that were transported on the ship.

The model features an authentic 40-mm Bofors anti-aircraft gun and 4x 20-mm Oerlikon cannons. It also includes 3x M4 Sherman main battle tanks, 3x M8 Greyhound scout tanks and 3x CCKW 353 trucks. The kit also includes camouflage instructions and a display stand.

The model can be built in several versions, including the 1954 USS LSM-399, the 1958 Hellenic Navy HS Ipopliarkhos Roussen (L164) (formerly LSM-399), and the 144 USS LSM-322 from the Asiatic-Pacific Theater (with a "Battle Star" for use in World War II)

This model kit provides an excellent opportunity to recreate an important U.S. Navy ship in World War II and is a must-have for modeling enthusiasts and collectors of historic military models.



Number of parts:414

Length:443 mm

Width:95 mm

Height:155 mm


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