A Song of Ice And Fire - Champions of the Stag - DE/EN/FR/ES

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A Song of Ice And Fire - Champions of the Stag - DE/EN/FR/ES

House Baratheon's philosophy of 'heavy weapons and even heavier armor' applies to their cavalry as well. The Stag Champion are among the most heavily armored units in all of Westeros. These mounted knights charge into battle clad in full plate armor. Nevertheless, they are considered to be 'agile first'. These knights are great for flanking, or just to dash into the heart of an enemy army and shatter the enemy formation from within.

The Champions of the Stag expansion for the A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game offers House Baratheon players a heavy cavalry option for their army. With strong defense and morale, as well as multiple wounds per miniature, they can withstand enemy attacks very well. But they also have offensive abilities that make them dangerous in the first place.

To play A Song of Ice & Fire - Champion of the Stag nwill be an A Song of Ice & Fire - Baratheon - Starter Set required.


These highly trained and highly armored mounted units serve as a great centerpiece for your Baratheon army, being able deal considerable amounts of damage whilst soaking enemy attacks. -

Tactical Points

With a 2+ Defense value and the Champions Wrath attack, these guys are the perfect combination of offense and defense, but they come at the staggering cost of 10 points!

Champions of the Stag do not have the Loyalty ability, so they can be in both Stannis and Renly Loyalty armies, making them versatile when list building.


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