A Song of Ice And Fire - Dothraki Hrakkars - DE/EN/FR/ES

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A Song of Ice And Fire - Dothraki Hrakkars - DE/EN/FR/ES

THIS IS AN EXPANSION TO A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE: TABLETOP MINIATURES GAME: This is not a complete experience. You will need A Song of Ice & Fire Starter Set in order to play with this expansion.

MAKE YOUR CLAIM FOR THE THRONE: Enter the battlefield and take command of your favorite house from A Song of Ice and Fire. Overwhelm your opponent with a perfectly balanced military force and outwit them with devious tactics.

STRATEGY GAME: A Song of Ice and Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game offers incredibly deep miniature wargame gameplay while virtually removing the barrier to entry. Each figure comes fully assembled, pre-colored to its house and ready to play while streamlined rules make combat quick and easy to learn.

TARGARYEN HEROES II: The Targaryen Heroes 2 box set gives House Targaryen a plethora of new options when building their army. It includes a variety of NCUs and attachments, including new options for army Commander complete with their Tactics cards, meaning there’s many new ways to customize a force to a player’s wishes.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This miniatures war game for teens and adults can be played with 2 or more players and is suitable for ages 14 and older. Game takes about 45 to 60 minutes to play.


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