Trumpeter: Belfast 1959 in 1:700

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Trumpeter: Belfast 1959 in 1:700

 Belfast is a museum ship, originally a Royal Navy light cruiser, permanently moored in London on the River Thames and operated by the Imperial War Museum.

 Construction of Belfast, named after the capital city of Northern Ireland and one of ten Town class cruisers, began in December 1936. She was launched on St Patrick's Day, 17 March 1938. Commissioned in early August 1939 shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, Belfast was initially part of the British naval blockade against Germany.In November 1939 Belfast struck a German mine and spent more than two years undergoing extensive repairs. Returning to action in November 1942 with improved firepower, radar equipment and armour, Belfast was the largest and arguably most powerful cruiser in the Royal Navy at the time. Belfast saw action escorting Arctic convoys to the Soviet Union during 1943 and in December 1943 played an important role in the Battle of North Cape, assisting in the destruction of the German warship Scharnhorst. In June 1944 Belfast took part in Operation Overlord supporting the Normandy landings. In June 1945 Belfast was redeployed to the Far East to join the British Pacific Fleet, arriving shortly before the end of the Second World War. Belfast saw further combat action in 1950-52 during the Korean War and underwent an extensive modernisation between 1956 and 1959. A number of further overseas commissions followed before Belfast entered reserve in 1963.

Item No    06702

Item Name    Belfast 1959

Bar Code    9580208067025

Scale    1:700

Item Type    Plastic Model Warship Kit

Model Brief    Length: 281mm   Beam: 43.7mm 

Total Parts    180+

Metal Parts    n/a

Photo Etched Parts    1 piece

Film Parts    n/a

Resin Parts    n/a

Total Sprues    6 sprues , hull and decks

Released Date    2022-11

More Features     hull  made from multi-directional slide moulds.

-  Deck wood pattern finely rendered

-  Contains display stand and engraved name plate

-  Photo-etched frets included


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